Cross-cultural creature of the Asian Century

I’m Justin Hockey. Thinker, teacher, cross-cultural creature. Interested in the intersections of my life: music, education, history, and culture.

I was born in Malaysia to an Australian father and Chinese mother. Within months we were living in Brisbane, Australia.

Fast forward more than a quarter of a century.

Now, I’m a teacher and thinker. I have worked in India, at a British school, and more recently back here in Brisbane, Australia

My cross-cultural contribution continues as I try to navigate the complexities of my cultures. I’m passionately curious – it’s what drives me – so this will occupy me for quite a while.

Two years ago I married a South Korean. She was educated in South Korea, Sri Lanka, India and the USA.

I love her dearly.

Together, we try to figure out just how to fit all this together. Are you confused? Counfounded by the collection of countries? Or perhaps you’re curious to know more?

Welcome to the Asian century.